Welcome to - the independent information platform for corporate and commercial registry data. Today on 28. February 2017 189 ups and 89 deletions in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce have been published.

Start-ups from the 28.02.2017

abbico Kompetenzzentrum GmbH
Curtains-Colors & More Tamara Riesen
EIGHTBALL Marketing & Sales Services GmbH
FIRST AID ruedi hausmann
Garage Hagenbuch AG
Hotel Bahnhof Dottikon AG
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Deletions from the 28.02.2017

Garage Georg Hagenbuch
Iliescu eBusiness Multichannel Solutions
OGS Elektromaterial - Ilic & Co.
Therapie im Wolfganghof; Physiotherapie...
Autosound Schwaar
FEED + NAIL, Weibel
Fritz Rolli
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Public procurement

283.1 Deckenbekleidungen aus Metall
Adret Pont-Rouge, Lots B+C - CFC 244...
Renouvellement des couches de roulement...
Sanierung Underdorfstrasse Oberegg
Gare de Rolle - Mise en conformité des...
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Latest documents

Hippodrome Romand d'Yverdon-les-Bains...
Swissregistration GmbH
Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV
Aarli Precious Metals & Services Ltd.
Placer Gold International Corp. in...
Société coopérative HealthBank


SHAB Nr. 41 of 28.02.2017

ups: 189
mutations: 687
deletions: 89

In the last week 831 have been established and companies 511 deleted. Compared to the previous week, this corresponds to a decrease of 6% at the start-ups and a decrease of 21% with the deletions.