Welcome to - the independent information platform for corporate and commercial registry data. Today on 24. January 2017 169 ups and 102 deletions in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce have been published.

Start-ups from the 24.01.2017

A. Ebner Hauswartung + Gartenpflege
Eugster Optik Holding AG
Hane Betschart Ladyfitness-Bremgarten
Healthlounge Lara Sanguinelli
Heb-Ab GmbH
HR-energy GmbH
IRC Informatik GmbH
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Deletions from the 24.01.2017

Aluson AG in Liquidation
Don Exclusive Wear, Inhaber Ogboi
ERCHECCIO tattoo art ranauda
Imbiss Bahnhof Berikon, MAKIPOOR
Powerlan Heinz Assfalk
Vaper's Valley Destraz & Wiegand
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Public procurement

Automatisation de la bactériologie du CHUV.
ASCL - Collège du Verney - 41 - Mobiliers
Renouvellement de la Gare de Montbovon
Projet d'assainissement du complexe de...
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Latest documents

Hippodrome Romand d'Yverdon-les-Bains...
Swissregistration GmbH
Edmond de Rothschild Real Estate SICAV
Aarli Precious Metals & Services Ltd.
Placer Gold International Corp. in...
Société coopérative HealthBank


SHAB Nr. 16 of 24.01.2017

ups: 169
mutations: 734
deletions: 102

In the last week 864 have been established and companies 491 deleted. Compared to the previous week, this corresponds to a increase of 5% at the start-ups and a decrease of 20% with the deletions.