TITI Peinture - Petrit Duraku

chemin de Castelver 6
1255 Veyrier

Status: deleted
Seat: Genève
Legal form: Individually owned company
Last Publ.: 27.03.2020
Year of foundation: 2007
Gelöscht: 24.03.2020
Commercial register: Genf
register number: CH-660.0.139.007-9
UID: CHE-113.381.137

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Address changes, new address: chemin de Castelver 6, 1255 Veyrier
Change of name, new name: TITI Peinture - Petrit Duraku


Address changes, new address: avenue de la Gare-des-Eaux-Vives 24, 1200 Genève
The seat is changed to : Genève
Change of name, new name: TITI, Petrit Duraku