nahschub KLG

Hönggerstrasse 146
8037 Zürich

Status: active
Seat: Zürich
Legal form: Partnership (general)
Last Publ.: 16.09.2020
Year of foundation: 2020
Commercial register: Zürich
register number: CH-
UID: CHE-348.686.957

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Extract from the commercial register

register number Legal form Entry Deletion
CH- Partnership (general) 11.09.2020

Company name

Egg Lo Company
1 nahschub KLG


Egg Lo Purpose
1 Lieferservice für Getränke.


Egg Lo Seat
1 Zürich


Egg Lo Address
1 Hönggerstrasse 146
8037 Zürich


Ref TR No TR date SHAB SOGC data. Page / Id
1 34758 11.09.2020 180 16.09.2020 1004979317


Egg Ae Lo Personal data Function Type of subscription
1 Marty-Pavlakis, Leonardo-Filippos, from Unteriberg, in Kaiserstuhl Gesellschafter Einzelunterschrift
1 Stenz, David, from Wettingen, in Zürich Gesellschafter Einzelunterschrift


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