All companies which currently have their domicile at the following address

Zürcherstrasse , 8620 Wetzikon ZH

At this address 132 companies were found.

Company Status Legal form
Construckt Bau GmbH active imited Liability Company
Costa Bonetti active Sole proprietorship
DasPure AG active Corporation
Database Experts GmbH in Liquidation deleted imited Liability Company
dictamed gmbh active imited Liability Company
Dürsteler-Vorsorge-Stiftung deleted Foundation
Echo - we handle music active Association
Egolf Gartenbau active Sole proprietorship
Face Design Visagistenschule GmbH active imited Liability Company
Fermtec, A. Canonica deleted Sole proprietorship
Flagrant Sports Trading, Gabriela Stadtmann deleted Sole proprietorship
FM7 Production, Manuel Frei active Sole proprietorship
Fotostudio, Mirco Rederlechner active Sole proprietorship
Fridolin Streiff AG active Corporation
Fuhat Yalin Gartenunterhalt deleted Sole proprietorship
Fürsorgefonds der Emil Mohr AG deleted Foundation
Fürsorgefonds der Firma J. Dürsteler & Co AG deleted Foundation
Gabur GmbH active imited Liability Company
Gebr. Bachmann Tasteninstrumente AG active Corporation
Genossenschaft Wagenschmiede in Liquidation in liquidation Cooperative